Monday, May 15, 2006

Guy Kawasaki on Corporate Partners

Guy Kawasaki says: The target of this posting is “corporate partners” and the lies they tell.

Lie # 3:
We can move really fast.” This means that so far very few people in the organization have been exposed to the idea.

Lie #8:
We’d like your servers to host most of the code and functionality.” This isn’t a lie, per se. It’s more a frightening admission that the large company’s product is held together by baling wire, duct tape, and chewing gum, so making any changes could make it blow up. Welcome to corporate partnering: one of the things that you’ll learn is that the emperor has no code.

His Top Ten Lies of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, engineers and marketers are all available on his blog, Signum sine tinnitu.

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