Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Better Phonebook - OpenDNS

A new DNS service, OpenDNS, offers blocking of fraudulent "phishing"sites plus faster web site loading with frequently refreshed, intelligent caching. The service also corrects common errors in entering URL's, reducing errors due to typos.

OpenDNS offers this free new service through an advertisement-supported business model, placing ads on the error/search page displayed when the page entered by the user can't be found.

News stories at Wired (John Roberts) and cNet (Joris Evers) have
further information about the service, founder David Ulevitch and the
According to John Roberts, "Ulevitch's seven-person startup is an attempt to revolutionize a layer of the internet's architecture in order to clean its underbelly of scammers and spammers."

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