Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Guy Kawasaki interviews Polly LeBarre about her new book, Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win, written with Bill Taylor.
Mavericks are defined by the power and originality of their ideas.
Mavericks may be fighters, but they’re not rebels without a cause and that is the critical distinction.
Just because you have a sharp-eyed point of view, doesn’t mean you need a sharp-elbowed approach to pursuing it.
The open-source insight is simply that you don’t have to be smart enough to have all the answers-you just have to be smart enough to invite other people to play in your sandbox.
Mavericks are fierce competitors, and they’re always measuring how they’re doing. But they’re also remarkably generous, and they’re always asking how they’re helping.
Taylor's and LeBarre's Manifesto on ChangeThis.

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