Thursday, April 19, 2007

UVA NSF Graduate Fellowships

Five UVA Graduate students have received NSF research Fellowships for 2007 - 2008:
Jennie Doberne, Anthropology: "My research focuses on older women’s quest for motherhood as a way to investigate the social and technological limits of pronatalism in Israel"
Niccolo Fiorentino, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering:"My research project focuses on characterizing the way muscles change shape during motion, determining how muscles generate force to produce joint movement, and developing methods to model complex muscle behavior."
Erin Reed, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: "My research involves using a non-intrusive measurement method called Planar Laser Induced Iodine Fluorescence which involves seeding iodine molecules into a flow and shining a laser sheet across it, causing it to fluoresce or shine allowing us to obtain visuals of the flow as well as velocity and mole fraction measurements."
Hillary Schaefer, Psychology: "My research explores the neurobiology of emotion."
Adam Watson, Archaeology: "I am interested in patterns of social differentiation and integration in this prehistoric Pueblo society."

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