Monday, May 14, 2007

Hobbyist Baby Boomers

The latest installment on Ruinous Baby Boomers: A Wall Street Journal article describes the Baby Boomers as hobbyist employees and entrepreneurs, and Joe Queenan of CEO takes them to task, saying that
In a piece of genuinely alarming news, The Wall Street Journal reports that baby boomers reaching retirement age are increasingly taking jobs as “hobbies".
If what The Journal is saying is true, if the American work force—on the very brink of being handed over to the care of hard-working, enthusiastic youngsters—is instead ready to morph into a glorified activities center for early retirees, then woe betide this society.

Another point of view: Carol Osborn argues on Change This,
that instead of participating in a complicated generational tug-of-war of who is more relevant, Gen X and Gen Y must learn from Boomers because these following generations will also face the same elongated lifespans and increased vitality…and buying power.

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