Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Horizons at UVA - Final Day

The New Horizons for Teaching, Learning and Research wraps up today with a series of workshops on tools and technologies covered earlier, including Collab/Sakai, podcasting, videoconferencing, Camtasia, and the Google Books Project.

In addition to presentations covered earlier, U.Va. Library’s global information system specialist Chris Gist demonstrated some of the new design and presentation opportunities emerging with GoogleMaps, including GMapEZ and MyMaps. Kathy Gerber covered date mining, and Ed Hall and Katherine Holcomb addressed Computational Science at UVA.

The conference has been a fascinating look at some extraordinary UVA initiatives and experiments, and the creative and expanding use of technology in teaching and research at the University. Although designed for students and faculty, the conference was open to members of the larger community.

Congratulations to the UVA Library on the success of this first conference!

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