Monday, June 18, 2007

Scales of SL

From UK ZDnet comes this assessment of Second Life:
The media loves its darlings, and Second Life is very darling indeed. No surprise, coming as it does in the overlap between three of the hottest topics of the moment
  • video gaming, now bigger than Hollywood,
  • online communities, now bigger than countries, and
  • e-commerce, now bigger than a jumble sale.

Wagner James Au, of New World Notes has a different take on the Linden user stats for May, focusing on the countries of origin of active SL residents.
Au also comments that corporations are themselves a kind of avatar, a fictitious entity authorized by governments to conduct business as if they were a person.

According to 3PointD, Anshe Chung Studio (ACS) intends to launch a virtual inter-world financial market in June, no doubt to deal with the economy that is now bigger than a jumble sale.

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