Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Modeling Light

There is new work in bringing ancient architectural features to life through sophisticated modeling of light. "We use it for product design and medical visualization and lots of other things - it's just that archaeology is a particularly challenging application, which is why we've focused on it." said Alan Chalmers, professor of visualization at the Warwick University Digital Laboratory. Snippet from the BBC.

For different perspectives on modeling light, NOAA has experimental images of light pollution in the continental U.S. based on the 1990 Census population concentrations.
And among Wolfram's 1,500 demonstration projects is one for modeling light curves. According to Stephen Wolfram, creator of Mathematica, the Wolfram Demonstrations Project introduces a new paradigm for exploring ideas. The power to easily create interactive visualizations, once in the domain of computing experts alone, is now in the hands of every Mathematica user.

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