Thursday, August 02, 2007

Virginia's Young CEOs

Virginia Business Magazine has a great new article on young, web-savvy CEOs in Virginia.

CEOs profiled include Joel Erb, interviewed by BGN last May. In 2001, cuts in NYC advertising budgets affected about 80 percent of his business, Inet Network and forced him to rethink college. "We went from a staff of 12 in the beginning of 2001 to a staff of two, and I quickly realized I have to do something about this," he recalls.

Erb immediately enrolled at the University of Richmond. He calls his degree a $160,000 "insurance policy." It's helping him grow his business smartly, he says, rather than just aggressively. "I don't think I need college to make my business run," adds Erb, "but I need college to refine the skills I had to make it run smoothly." Snippets from Virginia Business Magazine.

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