Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Way, the Network for Entrepreneurs

Tom Evslin created a new feed, My Way, the Network for Entrepreneurs, with the following entrepreneurship blog partners:

Adventures in Capitalism by Chris Yeh
Brian Berliner’s Brain by Brian Berliner
Fractals of Change by Tom Evslin
Junto Boys by Bernard Moon
Loic Le Meur Blog by Loic Le Meur
OnlyOnce by Matt Blumberg
OnStartups by Dharmesh Shah
Peter's Thoughts by Peter Cranstone
Start-up CEO by Eli Portnoy by Terry Gold
Web X.0 by Yaron Galai
2-Speed by William Herman
52 Reviews by Eric Allam

In case you wondered, here's Tom Evslin's post "Are you an Entrepreneur?", with links to his sage advice on starting out, hiring, negotiating and sales. Eric Allam at 52 Reviews recently described accidental and habitual entrepreneurs.

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