Tuesday, December 19, 2006

CNET, IBM and Kage Seraph the Avatar

The CNET interviews of real life people on Second Life are becoming more interesting, as transcripts are carried on the CNET web site. For example, Stephen Shankland's interview with IBM's pioneering strategist, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, includes SL audience questions, some sharp, some polite, addressing economic impact and proper attire.

Some observations by Wladawsky-Berger from that interview:
I honestly think that as we learn more about visual interfaces, we will have another very serious revolution in field after field and industry after industry, because changes in interfaces invariably are followed by major changes in applications.
We like the idea of creating virtual branch offices for our people in the field. Close to 50 percent of our work force is mobile--mostly sales or field people. That is very efficient, but it can be lonely.
I think Second Life and similar virtual worlds will open up lots of interesting opportunities for e-commerce to become more visual and to include people as sales help.
On that last point, kudos to avatar Prokofy Neva's Second Thoughts blog for the article on viral marketing by avatar Kage Seraph with his Elemental machine, The Killer App for SL. Original story by avatar Pixeleen Mistral from the Second Life Herald.

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