Friday, January 05, 2007

Politics in Second Life

According to the Second Life Insider, SL will get a "House" of "Representatives". Several people, who do not actually represent anyone on Second Life, have decided to build this "House", in which to deliver political speeches about real life, mostly in California.

Why bother with expensive elections, or with inconvenient districts? Just open a building, call it "The House", and invite politicians to speak. It's unsettling to hear RL politicians, who ought to know better, be party to this.

As Prokofy Neva says,
It's not a House, and does not Represent a thing.
It's like the fellow who plunked "The Supreme Court of the United States" down in Second Life and opened up a talk shop saying he was going to empower citizens to discuss their disputes blah blah. Justice Soothsayer was his name

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