Saturday, February 10, 2007

RSA Conference Reports

Wired's Ryan Singel reports from the RSA Conference just wrapping up in San Francisco:
The Real ID Act was inserted into a must-pass military spending bill in 2005. It requires states to redesign their driver's licenses and state ID cards to meet a common federal standard, and to start sharing information with all other states -- effectively turning 50 different state-issued cards into a national ID. (Compliance deadline: May 11, 2008)
Many expect the real debate over Real ID to start once the regulations are issued in April.
From the Stratton Sclavos RSA keynote:
VeriSign, the largest of the companies that manage Internet domain names, is putting its money on predictions that the Internet of the future will expand far beyond the 1 billion people and hundreds of millions of devices now connected to the Web. To handle this, VeriSign is going to pump more than $100 million into its network during the next three years. Snippet from the San Jose Mercury News.
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