Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Virtual Worlds Conference 2007

Blogs reporting out of the 2007 Virtual World Conference in NYC include
Greg Verdino: But today, [keynote speaker] Rosedale recognizes that, "the thing that is so powerful about virtual worlds isn't that they are 3D; it's that there are other people there [with you.] On the internet there aren't."
Mark Wallace at 3pointD
Adam Broitman at A Media Circus
Tony Pearson of IBM Developerworks
Isabel Walcott Hilborn at her blog

UPDATE: Apologies for losing the comment from the IPTV Evangelist, who said:
There are two interviews with Sibley Verbeck and Jerry Paffendorf from The Electric Sheep Company taped at last weeks conference where they spoke about such topics as Machinima, Digital Rights, Life Blogging, The Electric Sheep company and of course Second Life.
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