Saturday, April 14, 2007

PC Magazine on SL

PC Magazine recently carried a story on business engagement with virtual worlds, especially Second Life.
To the surprise of many, the business world—that's the real business world—has fallen head over heels for Second Life and other virtual worlds.
"We're at the beginning of the next evolution of the Internet—the 3D Internet, as we like to call it," says IBM's Michael Rowe, "If Web 2.0 is a place where everyone becomes a producer, everyone becomes a content creator, the 3D Internet gives us a whole new level of social interaction in this collaborative space."
[At present] "The biggest benefit of Second Life—for companies—is the media attention," says Heather McConnell, an account executive with the international PR firm Hill & Knowlton. Snippets from PC Magazine. Thanks to Dan Kalagher for the pointer

For context, the Google ads on this page are for software allowing any PC to work with SL, virtual reality staffing, SL marketing, SL video reviews, and an exercise bike to use while exploring virtual worlds.

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