Thursday, May 31, 2007

D5 Reports

c|net news has a summary of last night's Jobs/Gates event at the D5 conference. Video clips are available at All Things D

Interestingly, many of the early blog posts about this event include at least one of the video clips, and non-English text. Perhaps Jordon Bedwell's comment (in English) explains this:
They discussed Windows 95, Basic and Floating Basic, yes I know it makes you blush and feel fluffy inside, its sad that we all couldn’t be there.

Steve Kulp of Free Association has posted an old B&W picture of Gates and Jobs on stage together back in the day.
UPDATE: Thank you for the clarification, Steve.

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Anonymous SteveK. said...

Actually, the photo is of Noah Wyle and Anthony Michael Hall as Jobs and Gates (respectively) from the film Pirates of Silicon Vallley

6:22 PM  

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