Tuesday, May 29, 2007

From Where 2.0

From O'Reilly Radar, Arthur Bergman's quick overview of Where 2.0 presentations on various aspects of the geo world:

National Geographic MetaLens is a new service and API to integrate maps, media and data. It then allows you to do spatial filtering and temporal tags.
GeoCommons allows people to create maps based on data available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Allows layering multiple datasets together to create custom reports, without any programming skill.
FatDoor is a new location based social network site with a twist. With over a 100 million pre populated profiles, it builds a social network of people living around you.
Swivel G allows you to take Swivel datasets and plot them over geographical maps.
Dopplr is a tool for people that travel a lot. By inputing your trips into dopplr, it will show you where you are going, and who else is going to be there.
UpNext has a 3d cityscape of New York, with a mashup from upcoming.org. You can click on any building to find out what is in it, as well as tag buildings.

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