Monday, May 21, 2007

Educators and Librarians in SL

The University of Cincinnati SL Wiki provides several papers on educational resources and groups in SL, including Blended Realities by Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University, and Jeff Hiles, Wright State University. Snippets follow.

Education organizations with a presence in SL
• New Media Consortium (
• Alliance Library System
• Second Life Educators Wiki at SimTeach
• Second Life Education SLED community email list
• Real Life Education in Second Life group

Educators can pick up teaching tools at the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Library. Founded by Ross Perkins (avatar Milosun Czervik) of Virginia Tech, the ICT Library is part of a cluster of libraries on Info Island, an initiative originally funded by the Alliance Library System. The Second Life Library at Info Island, HealthInfo Island, and Caledon Library in Caledon’s Victorian sim support researchers, scholars and residents thanks to the efforts of Lori Bell (avatar Lorelei Junot), Carol Perryman (avatar Carolina Keats), JJ Jacobson (avatar JJ Drinkwater) and other distinguished librarians.

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