Friday, May 25, 2007

SL Education Presentations

Here are some of today's presentations at the SL Education Conference: Best Practices. The full schedule includes times and locations in SL.

Deb Butler on A Living London: Non-Educational Sims that Work for Education.

Jeremy Koester on Gaming and Learning in SL Talk. An outside the box look at immersive environment opportunities in SL.

Marie Digne on The Center for Water Studies: a virtual simulation for real life education.

Suku Sinnappan on Virtual Identity and Representation.

Josephine Dorado and Dan Winckler on Creative Collaboration and Cultural Exchange.

Beth Ritter-Guth on Monsters to Monarchs: Teaching Literature Using SL, and later, The GenX Professor: Teaching Issues for the Non-Tenured.

En Ye on Using SL to Enhance Software Engineering Education: The MO-SEProcess Game & SL Groupthink Game.

John Jamison (avatar Virtual Bacon) on Two Years of Introducing Educators to Second Life in 60 Minutes, or: Tips for Dinosaur Wrangling.

Jonathan Richter (avatar Wainbrave Bernal) on Creating a community of practice and searchable database of learning objects in Second Life: The SaLamander Project.

Chris Collins (avatar Fleep Tuque) on SL Best Practices in Education: An observational survey of educational institutions in the virtual world of Second Life.

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