Friday, May 04, 2007

Yahoo! Right Media

Michael Walrath, Founder and CEO of Right Media on the recent Yahoo! acquisition:
Yahoo! has been a great partner to us, continually demonstrating its commitment to the Exchange and all that it stands for–openness, fairness, greater efficiency, value and opportunity–as a fundamental vehicle for driving our industry forward. Yahoo!’s acquisition of Right Media further validates all that our company and Exchange members have worked for, and it means a bigger part of the world will understand the value of that work. This is a true milestone for the Exchange community. Snippet from Right Media Blog.
In a move to compete with Google's ever-expanding advertising empire, Yahoo announced a $680 million deal of its own on Monday. The acquisition of Right Media is Yahoo's partial answer to Google's string of recent wins in online advertising. Snippet from Newsfactor.
Walrath, a graduate of the University of Richmond, founded Right Media in 2003 to transform the business of online advertising, leveling what has traditionally been an uneven playing field. He sees the industry moving towards more efficiency, transparency and accountability for every transaction.

The Right Media blog features interviews with web publishers such as Ulrich Tausend of gaming website NeoDelight, and Khayam Iftikhar of FreeOnlineGames.

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