Monday, June 04, 2007

Ludium II

The Indiana University Ludium II Conference promises to be interesting, as folks will be participating on behalf of one of the four regions described below in an event designed as a 19th century political convention.

Thalo: A society of hunters and woodsmen that value individual freedoms over all other things. They feel most at home arguing for policy that involves issues of individual rights, freedoms, or powers.

Sysland: A sturdy and industrious people, Syslanders are concerned most with the hard issues of science and design. They prefer talking about policy involving technology, engineering, and design.

Aroland: The merchants of Aroland have a motto, “Barges float on money, not water.” True to their motto, Arolanders will find it easier to float policy that concerns itself with business, industry, markets, profits, or the economy.

Palvi: Ever practical, the citizens of don’t want to hear about the wonders of tomorrow, they want to make the best out of what they have today. Palvi citizens want to hear statements that can be implemented immediately, involve no controversy, or are obviously feasible.

The sponsoring organization, the Synthetic Worlds initiative, is also building Arden, a virtual Shakespearean world.

A Ludium blurs the lines between work and play by embedding an academic conference within the context of a live-action game. The objective is to stoke intellectual enthusiasm (and hence productivity) using known game techniques. Snippet from SWI

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