Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Patent Hoarding

According to Techdirt, there's a growing list of "investment firms drooling over the innovation-killing patent-hoarding lawsuit rewards", and they have already funded Geomas, which is suing Verizon for putting their yellow pages online.

This article, "Location-Based Search? Patented! Owner [Geomas] Plans To Sue Everyone", rather confirms the analysis of Professor Tim Wu, who said ... the real subject of American copyright is distributors ... who control the rights, bring the lawsuits, and take copyright as their industries’ “life-sustaining protection.”

In Virginia, RedOrbit reports that MercExchange is suing eBay over ... "Buy it now". This case is a rallying point for critics who argue the U.S. patent system is riddled with abuse from small businesses that sue established companies to enforce patents for ideas that have never been developed into products.

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