Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rome Reborn, Virtually

c|net news has a new piece on a virtual historical world, the Rome Reborn 1.0 project at the University of Virginia Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities under the leadership of Dr. Bernard Frischer, who founded the UCLA CVR Lab. On June 11, Mayor Walter Veltroni of Rome unveiled a public viewing. Photo Copyright University of Virginia

The project began at the University of California, nearly 10 years ago, and has involved collaboration among UVA, the UCLA Experimental Technologies Center, the UCLA Cultural Virtual Reality Lab, and the Reverse Engineering Lab at the Politecnico de Milan.

The project shows almost the entire city of Rome within the 13-mile-long Aurelian Walls in 320 A.D., when Rome was the multicultural capital of the Western world.
According to the CVR site, the material will be available from the Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University.

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