Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why Investors invest

We've looked at numerous articles over the past months about how to present a business proposal to investors, and what investors are looking for in prospective company. (Examples drawn from O'Reilly Radar; from Infectious Greed, from EarlyStage VC.)

Brad Burnham, of Union Square Ventures, has a nice piece on what they were looking for in a personal financial services company, and why they chose Wasabe.
If you manage your expenses on a web based service you have the opportunity to contribute to community and to take advantage of its collective wisdom. Allowing your service provider to aggregate transaction data anonymously makes it possible for that provider to deliver a service that is better than desktop software in a number of important ways.

Here's an example of the aggregated information that Wasabe makes available from its member-owned data base; in this case, overdraft charges by different banks. Wheaties for your Wallet, the Wasabe blog, describes the same process from the entrepreneur's point of view.

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