Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Apple Design and the iPhone

With the attention on the iPhone, it's a good time to look back at the evolution of the Apple form factors since 1976, shared by designer Edwin Tofslie. Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for this pointer. The 2007 Apple Design Award winners included Papers 1.0 for organizing scientists' research libraries and access to PubMed.

Entrepreneurs already have iPhone related products available online. 37 Signals has the Ta-da List for the iPhone up, with a dedicated version for iPhone use. These pieces are nicely paired with Jason's comments on Ben Frankin's The Way to Wealth. The web-based phone service, Jajah has tailored their site to the iPhone, claiming a 90% reduction in international phone rates for iPhone users. The iPhone2die4 site aggregates iPhone news from more than 300 web sources. Here is the iPhone news blog, for the recent history and new accessories. Finally, two videos of happy new iPhone owners in Virginia from Uncut Video.

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