Monday, July 16, 2007

Meetings in SL

Technology Review has a new article on the design of meeting spaces in Second Life. Drew Harry, of the MIT Media Lab designs spaces to take advantage of the unique features of virtual worlds. Nick Yee's research on virtual worlds includes work on how self-representations, such as avatars, change behavior. In recent studies, he explored the hypothesis that an individual’s behavior conforms to their self-representation independent of how others perceive them - a process he terms the Proteus Effect. The paper, The Proteus Effect(pdf file) paper is in publication.

Business Communicators of Second Life has a detailed description of the Crowne Plaza launch of their SL meeting spaces. Art Fossett of ArtsPlace SL generously described his own mistakes in designing meeting facilitation tools.
Since most meetings are followed by records or minutes, the Space CoLab blog is a good place to follow the meeting summaries of a well-organized SL group, the community of space scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

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