Thursday, August 30, 2007

Managers See the Future

The Business Pundit points to a new piece on managers: 90% think they are in the top 10%. He notes that "This highlights one of the major reasons many corporations run lousy operations - they [the managers] don't face reality. Most everyone thinks they are right."
Business Week polled 2,000 managers, and found that:
In a decade, the average person will have better working conditions. Women and minorities will have an easier time getting ahead. And more of us will be on a first-name basis with someone in India. That, anyway, is what we were told when we polled 2,000 U.S. executives and middle managers this summer. Most of us, it seems, are happy and optimistic. Not to mention bursting with self-esteem: an impossible 90% of respondents believe they're in the top 10% of performers.

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