Tuesday, August 28, 2007

VA Tech, Updated

On August 19, VA Tech dedicated a memorial to those who lost their lives last April. The panel appointed by Governor Kaine issued its report on August 22 (Overview on VA Tech Site). An internal report by VA Tech calls for better communication about troubled students, more locks on classroom doors and improved communication to ensure that students are alerted to a campus-wide crisis. The Richmond TimesDispatch summary of the report notes that the shooter was rarely identified in the 200 page report.

A special report to the President was issued in June. They addressed "...the complex balancing of fundamental interests in our communities -- interests of protecting privacy and civil liberties, ensuring that our communities are safe, and helping people get the care they need -- is appropriately calibrated. Carrying out the President's charge, we have met with Governors, legislators, state officials, and experts from the spectrum of mental health, education, and law enforcement communities, who have identified obstacles they face and steps they believe should be taken to address school violence and mental illness at the community level." They offered recommendations for federal government actions in several areas related to preparedness training.

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