Sunday, August 05, 2007

VA Nanotechnology Partnership Revisited

Last year BGN pointed to the new Virginia Nanotechnology Partnership Initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation for 2006 - 2008. Since then, George Mason University established a graduate certificate program in nanotechnology and nanoscience. This summer, Virginia was recognized by Small Times among its “Next Top 10” states, ranking the Commonwealth #13 among all states.

The Virginia Joint Commission on Technology and Science (JCOTS) formed a 2007 Nanotechnology Authority Advisory Committee to study and make recommendations on the structure of a Nanotechnology Authority, focusing on non-general fund revenue to fund the authority. JCOTS has also initiated a nanotechnology blog.

The Atlantic NanoForum sponsored a conference in 2006, and provides nanotechnology-related news feeds. The Northern Virginia Tech Council Nanotech Committee is chaired by Kent Murphy of Luna Innovations.
The National Nanotechnology Initiative has several events coming up on the environmental impacts of nanotechnology.

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