Monday, January 08, 2007

SL Blogs

A short list of blogs about or from Second Life

Second Life, the Official Linden Blog
Gwyn's World by Gwyneth Llewelyn, on a feature length movie premier to be held in SL on Jan. 9
New World Notes by Wagner James Au, who was the embedded reporter in SL.
Second Life Herald founded on October 23, 2003, by philosophy professor Peter Ludlow. Its mission, as described the next day, was to observe, record and study "the legal, social, and economic implications" of life in the virtual world.
The Metaverse Messenger, a Real Newspaper for a Virtual World.
Second Tense by Hiro Pendragon.
Second Life Future Salon, sponsored by the Acceleration Studies Foundation.
3PointD; the current story is about IBM's business ventures on SL.
Prokofy Neva's BlogHUD from Second Life.
And my favorite,, about the SL region of Chilbo by Fleep Tuque.

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