Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Second Life Magic, Bye and Bye

This morning, I found the extraordinary installation by Philip Mallory Jones at the University of Ohio (SLURL) campus in Second Life. Jones, and his mother, the poet Dorothy Mallory Jones, created a stunning joint memoir, In the Sweet Bye and Bye.

To refresh my memory, I searched for the title, and found the lyrics of the 19th century hymn. I also discovered that a parody of that hymn originated the phrase, "pie in the sky".

The same search lead to a snippet of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band's rendition of In the Sweet Bye and Bye, and a very short snippet of the Johnny Cash version. Then the Smithsonian Institute's Global Sound site, with a snippet from Daniel Saunders Brass Band of the Bahamas, and by Elizabeth Cotton on guitar. I finally landed on Last.fm, to hear the lovely young voice of Serena Matthews. There, I discovered music quilts.
(Along the way, I made the acquaintance of roller organ cobs, and Texas fudge.)

Thank you to Philip Mallory Jones for launching that journey with his evocative installation.

UPDATE: The exhibit is included in a short Ohio University YouTube video, available at the Aviero University student blog

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL - I'll pass this on to Dorothy, as well. Thanks for engaging the work. Jacque Quijote

5:34 PM  
Anonymous serena said...

I so enjoyed reading this.. thanks for mentioning me :)

6:33 AM  

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