Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ryan Ozimek on Joomla!Day USA and Open Source

Joomla! is an open source Content Management System that has quickly taken a leading position. BGN uses this CMS for its own web site, the BGNentrepreneur.

A new podcast is available of a Peter Russell Joomla! Juice! interview of Ryan Ozimek. Ryan, founder and CEO of DC-based technology firm PICnet, is an evangelist for Joomla! and other open source technologies in non-profit organizations and government.

In this interview, Ryan talks about the open source movement in the United States, constraints to growth, Joomla security, and the first Joomla!Day USA now being organized with community wiki input. This conference (JoomlaDay USA/West) will be held on May 12-13 2007 at the GooglePlex, subsequent midwest and east Joomla Days are planned.

This 25 minute podcast is available in m4a and mp3 formats, and is also available via iTunes subscription.

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