Friday, March 30, 2007

Virtual World Conference Perspectives

According to Gavin O'Malley, at MediaPost
A recurring theme at this week's Virtual Worlds Conference in Manhattan was the idea of targeted experimentation--or the notion that marketers can onlyprofit from virtual world investments after they have established well-defined goals.

From Daniel Terdiman's much quoted report
At least $5 million in deals were reportedly struck at the Virtual Worlds 2007 conference here this week.
According to Second Life Herald writer Prokofy Neva, a "very knowledgeable and highly-placed (conference) source," when pushed, said there had been $5 million in deals "initiated and signed" during the two days of panels and networking.

Dianne Lynch, of All Things Park (Ithaca College) says It’s déjà vu, from start to finish. [Thanks for the correction, Kim]

Finally, Charles Henry writes at Covenant Zone that
Those living in fear of the "inevitable" wave of global destruction "caused" by we parasitic human beings living only to suck the limited life out of Mother Earth, may want to read this Technology article [Svensson's Gold Rush is on for Virtual Worlds] on a wholly unexpected and unpredicted source of bounty and creative fulfillment, unimagined 10 years ago.
Maybe these parallel worlds can serve as reminder that when we're off the internet, walking physical footsteps across a physical world, an unseen one exists around us as well.

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Blogger Kim Gregson said...

Just a quickie correction - it's DIANNE Lynch, not daniel.

She's been dean of the Roy H. Park School of Communication for 3 years.

(I'm a prof at the school and was at the conference too - it was a great conference)

8:44 AM  

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