Sunday, April 29, 2007

SL Marketing Information

As of March 2007, a group is being formed, made up of companies who are interested in gathering voluntary survey data about how Second Life Residents behave in real life. This is a wide-ranging group from academics and journalists to Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies--all people and organizations who are interested in supporting, understanding and growing an important emerging community. Snippet from SLWiki

This follows a February survey sent to developers listed in the SL Developer Directory. The Directory lists 90 developers comprised of 50 full-service and 40 consultants and listings have doubled in the last 3 months. This developer community provides employment opportunities for Residents who have building, scripting and other Second Life skills and has almost tripled in employees and income related to Second Life during the last 3 months.

For context, Linden publishes daily Economic data.

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