Friday, May 25, 2007

SL Education Posters

Here are some of the posters available during the SL Education Conference, illustrating some of the SL educational activities and installations. The full list is here.

Mary Ann Clark's Gene Pool, a Second Life educational site where anybody can learn about genetics.

Yvonne Heyning on the use of Machinima in the virtual world, a mash up many of our previous and future projects in a single look at moving cross-platform with new media.

Lisa Perez from the Chicago Public Schools on K-12 librarians' use of SL.

Alan Hudson on collaboration in the SL Genetics Center.

Jean-Claude Bradley on intellectual property in the sciences.
UPDATE Correction: teaching and research in organic chemistry in Second Life - Thank you for your comment, Jean-Claude.

Sharon Tettegah on SLQuest: What happened to WebQuest?

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Blogger Jean-Claude Bradley said...

It indeed was a very successful conference - so many people to meet! By the way, my poster was not so much about intellectual property as it was about teaching and research in organic chemistry in Second Life.

9:27 AM  

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