Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The SIIA Top 10 in Ten

SIIA unveiled their Top Ten Most Significant eCommerce Developments of the Last 10 Years, marking the 10th anniversary of the White House eCommerce Framework in July. These developments in eCommerce were ranked by policy and industry experts from a wider list of developments chosen by SIIA staff.

1. Google (Sept. 1998): Google did more to fundamentally change the way we use the Internet than any other event in the last 10 years.
2. Broadband Penetration of US Internet Users Reaches 50% (June 2004): This milestone signaled a dramatic change in how commerce gets done online, how consumers use and share content, and how the world communicates.
3. eBay Auctions (Launched Sept. 1997): eBay showed us that the Internet could be used to reach massive ... markets better and faster than ever before. Individuals could also compete directly with each other in ways unimaginable in a physical market.
4. Amazon.com (IPO May 1997): Amazon showed the world what an online store would look like... Amazon’s public offering told the world that online commerce is legitimate and ... signaled the increasingly important role that e- commerce would play in the American economy.
5. Google Ad Words (2000) Key word advertising has become the biggest online advertising vehicle, representing 40 percent of that market and $6.8 billion in revenue.
6. Open Standards (HTML 4.0 released - 1997): The standards for the web embodied in HTML are overseen by the World Wide Web Consortium, which is not controlled by any company or government. The formats are open, well documented and designed to work with different software and hardware. It has probably been the most influential and important data standard in the history of publishing.
7. Wi-Fi (802.11 launched - 1997): The development of Wi-Fi removed the limitations of desktops and cables and shifted focus toward mobile solutions.
8. User-Generated Content (YouTube 2005): Right now it is impossible to say what the full ramifications of the “citizen journalist” era will be – but ... YouTube is now the embodiment of Web 2.0. It is a must-be-seen place for presidential candidates, a battleground in the copyright wars, a vital distribution point for major media – and most of all, a place where anyone...can deliver a message to the world.
9. iTunes (2001): Today, more than US$2 billion worth of music was sold online or through mobile phones in 2006 (trade revenues), almost doubling the market in the last year...and accounting for around 10% of the music market
10. BlackBerry (1999): The BlackBerry makes communication instantaneous, and mobile. A comprehensive communications device creates a new mobile business culture.

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