Saturday, August 11, 2007

Startup Junkie Show

According to the WSJ's Startup Journal, the new reality show "Startup Junkies" will focus on serial entrepreneur Ron Wiener, founder and chief executive of Earth Class Mail, seeking venture funding. Earth Class Mail makes postal mail available online, acting as a virtual post office box. Before agreeing to do the show, the company ensured that camera crews would not interfere with daily operations, and that Earth Class Mail could decide when cameras would be present and would have final control of the edit button.

Starting in January, "Startup Junkies" will be featured on MOJO among finance-focused shows like "Wall Street Warriors." MOJO, which targets young, professional men, was formerly called INHD.

Perhaps the experience will eventually be reflected on, which was recently covered by BGNonline and by the Startup Journal.

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