Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Real Business in SL

PA Consulting and The Sunday Times are hosting an online seminar “Getting real about business in Second Life” on July 24 at 2pm UK time. According to the The Sunday Times, corporations like IBM, CISCO and Reuters all have a presence on Second Life but SL commercial life is dominated by virtual small business owners, some of whom are making real money. In June, 132 residents earned more than $5,000 a month in SL, up from 97 in January. A further 1,340 earned $500-$4,999 a month, up from 837 in January.

However, The LA Times opines that "a three-dimensional online society where publicity is cheap and the demographic is edgy and certainly computer-savvy — should be a marketer's paradise. Four years after Second Life debuted, some marketers are second-guessing the money and time they've put into it."
According to The Escapist, A main difficulty for advertisers is the fantasyland nature of Second Life, with no need for food, clothing or other mundane staples of real life.

Maybe the question isn't whether brands are bored with SL, but whether Second Lifers are bored with brands... from Tech Digest.

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